Indian price ! According to your budget, you can choose a tata (the standard Indian car) with stops in guesthouses or an air-conditioned 4X4 with stops in luxurious hotels... between these two choices, a large range of choices: a tour without hotels (you choose it by yourself, with or without breakfast...) But, everybody will tell it to you, the tour including car, driver, hotel and breakfast is the more attractive.

We adapt to what you want : we may pick you up at the airport or later if you prefer staying in New Delhi. A freedom you will have all along your tour. Unlike a tour operator, your driver is at your disposal and not the opposite !

Are you tempted ? You just need to send us a mail specifying how many people you´ll be, your dates, the circuit you want or the cities you would like to visit, if you want him to book some hotels or not. Of course, if you have any questions, ask them ! Enjoy your trip !

Depuis 2011... Merci à tous !

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Fabulous India Tour sur Samedi 28 août 2010