Namasté ! Hello ! Bonjour !

Our taxidrivers have been travelling the roads of India from North to South for ten years (Rajasthan, Uttar and Madhya Pradesh, and Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Goa). They know very well the roads (almost every bumps !) with their cows and camels, their trucks and their rickshaws !

They know the way to drive you to the main sites, and also a large range of hotels and accommodations according to the wish and budget of everyone. They´ll be there also to advise you during your trips.

They adapt themselves to what you want: they may pick you up at the airport or later if you prefer staying in New Delhi. A freedom you will have all along your tour. Unlike a tour operator, your driver is at your disposal and not the opposite !

The most important is that they understand very well the tourists´ expectations: They met people from all over the world and this experience is the most valuable.

"People expect us to be discreet, to respect their intimacy if they are a couple or a family with children, but also to be present and efficient when it´s needed: for example, to check-in in a hotel or to help them to ask for a medicine, to go to a bank or to a spices shop or a restaurant advised in a guide book."

Look at the various cities´ presentations or at the most popular tours. Don´t hesitate to discuss it with us! You can also send a mail or phone the tourists who worked with us (see recommendations) or have a look at the circuit tour operators propose.